Bangor Walking Trails

I checked out Prentiss Trails near Bangor High School with Sarah – not a bad place but it’s a very dark woodsy area.  I got creeped out by some guy sitting on a bench
who I almost avoided by going the other direction, but I was pretty sure it headed nowhere like the last turn I tried, so I decided not to be intimidated.  I nodded, and he toothlessly said hi and asked if the mosquitos were getting to us yet. I said no, not yet and walked on and saw his big backpack and  rolled up sleeping mat and half gallon milk jug of water sitting on the next bench. I was way down the trail and he was still going on and on talking to himself and Sarah would not walk.  She kept dropping down to her knees every few steps.

At that point, I was glad I had the little compass that came with Sarah’s Subway meal the other day because when we started on the trail I checked to see what direction we came from, so when we were “escaping” the crazy guy I knew what direction we were headed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a clue because the trails aren’t marked and there are no trail maps like at the Bangor Forest. Anyway, the guy didn’t follow us, but I was creeped out and just wanted to get out and Sarah wouldn’t move!

Finally, we got out of there. I drove down Broadway and turned down Center Street, which I haven’t been down in ages. It was sad to see my grandparents’ old house on that street. It used to be a really nice house with beautiful flower gardens and now you can barely even see the now run-down house there is so much overgrowth of trees and weeds in front of it and filling the yard that used to be beautifully landscaped with flower beds surrounded by lush green lawn. Now it looks like trash.  Sad.  Really really sad.

Anyway, we went on to check out Cascade Park. I never really checked out the trails before. There are steep trails leading up and around a fake waterfall and the trails branch off in every direction. At the top, there is another steep trail leading up to a bench and grassy trails mowed through a field, kind of like a corn maze without the corn. Of course, the entire time we were there I was alternating between getting her to stand up and walk and picking her up and carrying her. It’s not like I didn’t let her stop and have breaks and she had water breaks. She just WILL NOT walk when you need her to walk! Very frustrating.  And I was exhausted from carrying her every so often. I finally got her to walk most of the way down by saying “Sarah, if you want to go home and play in the pool, you need to stand up and walk” and I had to say that about every 10 seconds or so.

Oh, before we did any of that, I actually went out Essex Street trying to figure out where the trails are out there but didn’t find them. I kept driving to the end of Essex Street to Gould’s Landing on Pushaw Lake where there is a “miniature beach” good for taking Sarah to dip her feet, and would be an excellent spot to put a kayak in (just need a kayak) and if you drive past that to the right, it’s a dead end road on a very small, narrow island with camps/houses on the water on both sides of the road. That would be very cool spot to have a house.

Laurie Frisbey

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