25.5 Things I Want In My Life This Year


List of things I want in my life this year:

1.  Couch to 5K.  There’s a C25K or a 10K app you can download which talks you through your workouts.


2.  Body weight strength train, abs, and other daily workouts.  A couple of workout apps I’m starting to use are Daily Workout and SWORKIT lite.




3.  Stop drinking my calories.  I always drink lots of coffee with flavored sweetened creamer and I’m finding that’s almost 300 empty calories in the morning.

4. Drink water.  I just don’t drink enough at all.

4.5 Floss my teeth more.  Yes, I added this in later and put it after “drink water” because I’m reminding myself to do both of these things each day with a daily checklist on the TickTick app on my phone.  I love this app.

5. Continue to track calories on the MyFitnessPal app. It’s eye opening.


6.  Go to bed earlier, get more sleep.  I go to bed sometimes as late as midnight or 1:30 am (although I could fall asleep much earlier – I keep dozing off writing this post and it’s only 9:30 pm).  I’m up between 6 and 7 in the morning so sometimes that’s only 4 or 5 hours of sleep by the time I get in bed and actually fall asleep which may take half an hour.  I generally doze off in the livingroom but then once I get into bed, can’t fall asleep. I need to be in bed by 10:00.

7. Rollerskating.  Use my rollerskates I bought a few years ago.

8. Get a new primary care doctor. Still haven’t replaced my doctor who closed her office last May.

9  Smile at strangers, compliment people.

10. Text someone different each day, to keep in touch now that I’m off Facebook.

11. Pick one band a week and listen to their entire library on Spotify.

12. Write for at least 30 minutes – more is okay – per day whether it’s for the blog or something else.

13. Choose and work on one creative project per month and work on it for at least 30 minutes per day.

14.  Volunteer – Examples:  Manna, Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, Hope House, Sarah’s school, Jamie’s school, Special Olympics.

15.  Outside of classes, pick a subject to study on my own each quarter.

16.  Read a book a month.  Check library for groups.  Check out books instead of buying.

17.  Plan meals ahead for the month, shop to avoid small trips through the month.

18. Now that Sarah’s approved for respite, get set up with a respite provider and plan time with Ron. 24 hours per month.

19. Associates degree in May.  Need to start looking and applying for things and think about whether and when I’m going to continue further.

20.  See number 13 and generate ideas for things to sell on website/Etsy.

21. Learn and teach Sarah signs.  She’s using the eat sign a lot lately so maybe she’ll take to it now.

22. Get my kayak on the water in the spring.

23.  Join or start a Meet-up.

24. Take Jamie somewhere for mom and Jamie time once a month.

25. Add, subtract, adjust as needed.

26. Adding STOP BITING MY NAILS. I did that last year. Sadly, that only lasted a couple of months.

27. The internet is a problem for me. It wasn’t just Facebook because I still read everything I used to read. It wasn’t really people’s statuses or interactions with people that was the problem, it was the constant overload of information. A thought pops into my head and I Google it or I read an article in my new NEWS ONLY (no “friends” just news/articles/blogs) Facebook Newsfeed, I read an article then see another one and another and another… Same as when I binge watch YouTube videos. It’s ridiculous. I know I should do something else. But, I rationalize, I’m learning things. I’m discovering new ideas.  Bull.  I’m consuming the crap someone else made and put out for consumption rather than creating my own crap. Then I come to my blog, put a few of my own words on the screen, and feel creative for a few seconds. Oh boy, this is not how life is supposed to be lived.

OMG what did I do???  NOW I joined Twitter.  😛

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