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Laurie Frisbey is the mom of a college graduate, a teenager and a preteen with special needs. She has been an administrative assistant, but is now a SAHM and full-time college student (third attempt) . She is about to embark on a brand new career in CIS at the age of 42.


There is this: The Disease of Being Busy But then there is this, and this is what I’ve suspected all along: I’m So Busy Not Talking to You I really can’t wait for the next time I see someone I used to know in the grocery store and ask, ” Hey, how are you?” “Oh, […]


Had a good morning.  I heard Sarah get up but she just turned her light on and played in her room, giving me time to make coffee and pee before she came out.  Ron got up shortly after. Tyler came over early and woke Jamie up.  We exchanged our few things (barely shopped this year) […]